Pokmon, colosseum, bonus Disc (Nintendo GameCube quality of the Pokémon console games, Retronauts recalled it as an example. 12 Another common complaint were the Poké Spot areas, regarded as very limited and small compared to Ruby and Sapphire. 5 When the player defeats an Area Leader the first time the player gets a special item. This would fill the "tempo" gauge and allow for most efficient purification. It was also revealed that the player starts with an Eevee, and that the levels progress more closely to the main handheld series. Krane also introduces the Snag Machine, which is used to capture colosseum Shadow Pokémon to purify. After Michael defeats Greevil and snags his shadow Pokémon, he must purify all of them, including the (seemingly) impossible to purify Shadow Lugia.

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