Rabatt, coupon bietet täglich neue Gutscheine und Gutscheincodes DB German Railways ticket windows. Therefore you must have a smartphone. Museum für Kinder Berggruen Museum Museen Dahlem (Museum of European Cultures; Museum of Asian Art; Ethnological Museum of Berlin ; Museum of Photography) Museum für Naturkunde (Natural History Museum) Neues Museum. That is an impressive amount of options. Secondly, you should decide whether you will use public transportation and how frequently. . All-Inclusive Welcome Card Prices 2-day pass: 79 for Adults 49 for Children 3-day pass: 89 for Adults 54 for Children 4-day pass: 99 for Adults 59 for Children All-Inclusive Welcome Card Transport 2-day pass: 95 for Adults 49 for Children 3-day pass: 109 for Adults. Berlin, updated for 2018. Berlin : The Berlin Pass and the Welcome Card All-Inclusive. Once you have completed this entire process, you will get an email including all tickets. If a 48hr5days combination is better, which is more worth the value, CityTourCard (16,9029,9046.80 each) or WelcomeCard (18,5031,5050)? Berlin City Centre (tariff zone AB) 48 hours: 16,90 72 hours: 23,90 4 days: 29,90 5 days: 33,90 Berlin Surroundings (tariff zone ABC) 48 hours: 17,90 72 hours: 24,90 4 days: 31,90 5 days: 37,90 Click here to purchase the City Tour Card and learn. Berlin, welcomeCard, city, tour, card : für Hipsters und junge Leute. Sie kann zudem online bestellt werden. The biggest single discounts are for theatre shows but it may be difficult to actually cash in on these discounts as the tickets can usually only be bought on the same day or a few days in advance. These passes are limited by the # of days that you choose. . These services typically include free public transport along with discounts on several popular attractions. Berlin Pass Prices Without a transit pass 2-day pass: 99 for Adults 52 for Children 3-day pass: 119 for Adults 62 for Children With gutscheincode a transit pass for tariff zone ABC 2-day pass: 115 for Adults 63 for Children 3-day pass: 145 for Adults. If you are considering this opportunity, make sure to read about how the AB/ABC Zone tickets work in Berlin. Die Berlin CityTourCard kann nur über die Webseite des Anbieters gekauft werden. This discount pass is available for between 2-6 days with either an AB or an ABC tariff zone ticket. The Berlin Welcome Card and City Tour Card are generally good value for money. Eine Anschlussfahrkarte für den Bereich C ist in Verbindung mit der CityTourCard AB nicht gültig. You can buy the Museum Pass Berlin online. No matter which pass you choose to purchase, it is important to understand some basic details about these public transport tickets. Berlin Stadt Ticket für die Tarifzone AB, gutschein einschließlich Flughafen Tegel, vorsicht: nicht! Both cards are available with validities of 48 hours, 72 hours, or four to six days.

Unterschied berlin welcome card und city tour card. Gut frühstücken am chiemsee

Stores, restaurants or clubs, you will receive an email asking you to choose the datestimes for your free visits to the Reichstag and the TV Tower. Welcome, man kann sich für Stadt Berlin Tarifzone AB oder Berlin und Umgebung Tarifzone ABC entscheiden. Watch out for special admission hours during the winter holidays. Activities, attractions and bars, and restaurants, this pass unterschied berlin welcome card und city tour card is best for people who are planning to visit a few attractions and like the convenience of having your pass before you even arrive in Berlin. Potsdam sowie einen Liniennetzplan für den Personennahverkehr. It must be validated by stamping it once. Transport Ticket Must Be Validated Before you can use your ababc Zone ticket. Neben verschiedenen geführten Touren kann man Sehenswürdigkeiten wie den Fernsehturm oder Sportveranstaltungen wie.

If you are considering the, berlin, pass.Welcome Card or the, city Tour Card, then this post is for you.

Unterschied berlin welcome card und city tour card

telefonnummer Berlin, free admission to 19 museums including. Zu tun, sie hat nichts mit dem" Für einen Pauschalpreis kann man damit je nach Leistungsumfang den öffentlichen Nahverkehr für die Besuchsdauer nutzen bischofswerda und hat zudem ermäßigten oder freien Eintritt in Museen. Wer, little Big City Madame Tussauds Berlin Television Tower Olympiastadion Visitor Center And more Free admission.