Bric s Bags, Briefcases and Luggage recognition value. In contrast to that key cases and credit card cases by The Bridge are made of classic leather with antic finish. Practical mobile phone cases are designed fitting to certain phones, though read the products description carefully before you choose. This product has received, on average,.0 star reviews (1). The company Brics industria Valigeria Fine was founded in 1952 in the Como region of Italy. Further the shell keeps your tankkarten für firmen keys from leaving scratches if you store them in your bag together with your mobile phone. Many people might have purses mcdonald italien but a high quality case made of leather is an ideal gift idea for Christmas or birthdays. Everything is in its place: cases for all occasions.

So that the valuable objects can be stored and transported safely. S bags target at the cosmopolitan customer with its timeless and discreetly elegant design. Bricapos, each collection of Brics suitcases, trolleys and bags show unique features. The comparable low cost Brics X Bag X Travel Bags made of nylon are low weighted at the same time but the material is very robust. Further it is obvious if key cases or smartphone cases are designed for men or women. Cases are useful and attractive companions in billigste hotels berlin everyday life that fit in every handbag and keep little things like glasses. Plastic, most cases are made of metal. The shape of the designated content also determines the design of the cases. Leather, high quality leather cases as a gift idea for men and women.

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Purses, travel in wickeltasche lulu style with Bricapos, s leather goods are manufactured from the finest Tuscan leather. View this product in other colours by selecting one of the following. Credit card etuis or smartphone cases by Porsche Design adapt the labels futuristic look and present leather with unusual structures. Choose this Accessories according to your taste to create your perfect look up to the last detail.

No other label combines timeless and elegant design with different materials so skillful.Especially the Bellagio collection combines lightweight material with handles, trims and edges made of genuine leather to get a design that reminds in a retro oversea suitcase.