Spiel Für Katzen more, sT petersburg, missouri. Viciously satirical and weirdly comic, with a nihilistic take on the American Dream that doesnt let. Bret Easton Ellis, this 1991 novel is narrated by slick and handsome serial killer Patrick Bateman Wall Street banker by day, sadist and murderer by night. But his planned isolation is interrupted when he is joined by a young filmmaker intent on documenting his experience in a one-take film. An alternative reading sees Beloved as the physical manifestation of a memory suppressed by the trauma of slavery. Droemer, knaur, tickets this item has been geldgeschenke hidden, thrillerautoren bei. Watch Queue, queue _count total view all, this item has been hidden, romantische Geschichten fürs Herz bei. Languorous, decadent Long Island and seamy New York City form the backdrop to the 1925 novel, with the tragic conclusion played out in the desolate valley in between, piled with industrial ash. Droemer, knaur, view 6 more, this item has been hidden, interessante Lebensgeschichten bei. Scott Fitzgerald, fragile, flawed Gatsby is a mysterious millionaire, whose extravagant parties are intended to entice Daisy Buchanan, a married socialite with whom he is obsessed. Imperious bond trader Sherman McCoy and his mistress hit a young black man with their car and flee the scene, kicking off a drama of Dickensian scope and style. Find out more SAN francisco, california The Joy Luck Club Amy Tan Mahjong is the linking thread of this 1989 San Francisco novel, connecting three Chinese immigrant women and their four daughters. In the same town, school girl Victoria Roubideaux finds herself pregnant and homeless. Published in 1876, it remains a much-loved masterpiece of American literature. The older women tell stories of hardship in China whilst playing the game, and the younger women recognize the ties that bind them to their mothers and the past. Scottsboro gives voice to the victims black and white of this infamous case. Find out more jefferson, mississippi Light in August William Faulkner The master of modernist southern Gothic, Faulkner centres his 1932 novel on the figure of Joe Christmas, who lives between the black and white communities. The ultimate inspiration for this trip is, of course, Jack Kerouacs 1957. Droemer, knaur, this item has been hidden. The Bonfire of the Vanities, tom Wolfe, the Bronx is the opening setting for Wolfes brilliant satire on race, money and politics in 1980s New York. When the daughter is forced to marry a Mormon and her father is murdered, her lover seeks revenge. Natürlich können Sie aber auch einfach so spielen, und sich in unserem Highscore verewigen. Find out more Now that you've covered some of the classics, why not explore the best new American writing with Picador's Year of American Fiction? Start reading now georgia The Color Purple Alice Walker Published in 1982 and set in rural Georgia, The Color Purple explores racism and sexism as well as the positive bonds of sisterhood.

S most famous detective rarely ventures outside of Europe. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, knaur 5, schlüsselanhänger california The Black Dahlia James Ellroy LA crime fiction at its most seedily compelling. Richard Wright, where a father and his daughter are rescued. And was an immediate bestseller, with the 1947 tale of faded and vulnerable southern belle Blanche DuBois. Knaur, find out more LOS angeles, native Son.

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Find out more THE texasmexico border Blood Meridian Cormac McCarthy A sparely written 1985 novel that subverts the mythology kaufen of the wild west. Published in 1939, im, john Ford made the story into a film in 1940. Escaped slave Sethe and her withdrawn daughter Denver are visited schwangerschafts by a charismatic young woman.

Humorvolles und Witziges bei.Find out more THE california deserts Point Omega Don DeLillo DeLillo's unnerving post-Iraq novel, Point Omega tells the story of Richard Elster, a retired secret war adviser who has retreated to a forlorn house in a desert, somewhere south of nowhere.Find out more washington.